.NET Expert

   C Solutions stands ready to be your .NET expert.

   Our experience spans building Web, windows and database application to additionally teaching developers how to do the same as well. So, we not only have the experience and know how to build most any .NET program you may need but also have the ability to explain what we have done in a way which is clear, and meaningful.

   Contact us now so we can help you with expert .NET assistance to solve whatever your .NET needs may be. 

Data / Database

   Most all the work we do for clients involves databases. So, we can deliver to you expert assistance in data centric .NET applications.

   Our database system of choice is Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server
   To increase system performance, we are expert builders and maintainers of Stored Procedures. Stored Procedures allow you to optimize your queries to run as efficiently as possible.

   Additionally, we can build applications and assist in your needs with Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access

   And, if you want to convert your Microsoft Access applications to Microsoft SQL Server, click here to learn how we can make this happen.


   Our experience with encryption with.NET goes all the way back to when .NET version 1.0 came out in 2002. We can provide you expert coding with .NET applications using encryption.

   Click here to learn more about .NET encryption.

   Additionally, we offer a stand alone file encryption  product for sale. It is called Encryptinator. Click here to find out more about our file encryption program called Encryptinator.

Web (ASP.NET) Applications

   Since the late 1990's, most companies have preferred to have their applications developed as web applications. So, as that demand has gone, so has our experience. We are here to serve as your .NET web experts.

   We have built web applications for clients ranging from

* the US Navy
* Enterprise Rent A Car
* and Lufthansa Technik
* As well as many Medium and Small businesses

   To learn more about ASP.NET programming, click here.

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Windows Applications

   Also, we can build most any Microsoft Windows application you may need. Our overall programming experience predates Microsoft Windows, so you know you are working with people who have extensive time building programs to solve problems. Our Windows program experience include these type of applications:

* Custom MRP (Manufacture Resource Planning)
* Custom Contact Management System
* Oil & Gas Industry Analysis Applications
* Automated Purchase Order Creation and Electronic Delivery System
* Scheduled Manufacturing Report delivery application which sent reports to email for early morning delivery to top management
* Many others...

   If you need .NET expert advice and help, we are here for you. Click here to contact us so we can turn your .NET dreams into solutions.