SQL Server Database

   Microsoft SQL Server is the system used by companies the world over to manage, and retrieve, their data. It offers superior performance, reliability, security, and even has a free version which has enough capacity to fit most company's needs. Businesses across the country are using Microsoft SQL Server. Is your company? Still using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and paper to run your business? Come join the future, and it's benefits with Microsoft SQL Server. Contact us, we can help.

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Superior Database Performance

   Microsoft SQL Server is built to deliver superior database performance. It is built from the ground up to be able to provide multiple users the information they need, all at the same time; unlike Microsoft Access, which is made to deliver database information to only one user at a time. SQL Server is a database system which is designed to quickly save and retrieve data through a number of features which include: indexes, Stored Procedures, and caching. Companies across the country choose SQL Server for superior database performance.

Superior Database Security

   Microsoft SQL Server is built to provide superior database security.  Unlike Microsoft Access, and other file based databases, Microsoft SQL Server has it's data accessed only through validated users. Depending upon your security needs, the system can be as simple, or as complicated and detailed, as necessary. So much so, that you can have a database table and allow a user to be able to access only select parts of the table and not the rest of it. Try that with Microsoft Access.

   Additionally, you can have database users set up for individual workers at your company. Each worker can be assigned different rights in the database the pending upon their needs. Say, an employee is no longer with the company, you can simply delete their user from the database and then their access to the company's database's information is removed. Again, try that with Microsoft Access or an Excel spreadsheet.

   Or, say you have users in multiple departments. You can use what is known as database roles. You can have different roles in your company assigned different levels of access into your corporate database. And then you can have database users assigned to those individual database roles. In this way, you can easily add and remove database permissions for a number of users at one time. Companies across the country are currently using this system. Is yours? Contact us, we can help.

 Microsoft SQL Server is Website and Multi-User Data Friendly

   Microsoft SQL Server is built to be website and multi-user data friendly. In English, what this means is, Microsoft SQL Server is able to read data, write data, and deliver data to multiple users at once. It is a server-based database system; again, unlike Microsoft Access, which is made to only deliver data to one user. 

   Many times companies use Microsoft Access across a network, with multiple users accessing it at once, and find that it has data errors and inconsistencies pop up, and in some occurrences, companies have lost a day's worth of data from problems in using Microsoft Access databases across a network.

   Microsoft SQL Server, on the other hand, is made to be able to deliver data to multiple people at the same time without fail, day or night. Microsoft SQL Server is the data provider of choice for corporations across the globe. Is your company currently using Microsoft SQL Server? Do you need some help in making the move to Microsoft SQL Server? Contact us, we can help.

   Are you currently using Microsoft SQL Server and not getting the performance you would like out of it? Contact us, we can help.