Many people have websites with pages built as static HTML pages. If you have a small website, with just a few pages, this can be fine. But, if your needs are larger, such as dozens of pages, or even hundreds, or thousands, you can quickly run into trouble trying to make all those web pages by hand with HTML. What do you do? ASP.NET could be the answer.

Microsoft ASP.NET

   If you have a handful, hundreds, or many more products that you'd like web pages for, it would be a lot of work to make web pages for each of these items. But Barnes & Noble does it, among many others. They can't possible have people typing all day to make all those web pages, right? What's the secret?

   They build web pages to serve as a template and these pages get their data from a database. So, basically, the template web page gets data from a database, fills in the appropriate sections, such as book title, description, etc, then the webpage is displayed on the users web browser. Knowing this, then, you can see you could put a virtually unlimited number of items into a database and then be able to have a virtually unlimited number of web pages from these database items. The added bonus is when you get tired of the look of the pages all you need to do is change the template page and then all the subsequently shown pages are with the new look. Try that with static HTML pages. You can't.

How Do I Make ASP.NET Pages?

   If you have programming experience, you might be able to pick up how to build ASP.NET pages, but, for new developers the learning curve is steep.

   We here at C Solutions are here to help though.

  We have built built dynamic web page systems, with ASP and ASP.NET, for clients ranging from:

* the US Navy
* Enterprise Rent A Car
* and Lufthansa Technik

   We've also helped many small and medium businesses with ASP.NET/dynamic web pages. We are here top help you as well.

   Contact us, so we can help you see solutions.

What If I Don't Have A Database For My Products, Etc?

   We can help you build a database for your website and business.

   Our database system of choice is Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server

   Microsoft SQL Server is made to easily handle dozens, or even millions of database records. So, for most businesses that more than covers their needs. What if you are on a budget? Well, there is a version of Microsoft SQL Server which is available and can handle most small and medium businesses data needs, and is free - it's call Microsoft SQL Server Express, click here to learn more. We can get you set up and going on this excellent free database system, no problem.

   Contact us now to get the process started.