SQL Server Express

   C Solutions specializes in working with Microsoft SQL Server, including Microsoft SQL Server Express.

   For many companies, and projects, Microsoft SQL Server's Express Edition is an ideal database to use. You probably don't know it, but, a number of your competitors are probably already using Microsoft SQL Server for their database needs. Now, with Microsoft SQL Server Express, SQL Server is available at a price everyone can afford - Free.  

Microsoft SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express
Cost - Free

   To start with, Microsoft SQL Server Express is available at a price everybody can afford -- free.

   Most likely, Microsoft offers SQL Server Express for free for a number of reasons. First, it keeps people from using competitor databases. Second, when users have out grown the abilities of SQL Server Express, they are already used to working with Microsoft SQL Server, and upgrading to a paid version of SQL Server makes great sense.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Downloads

   Microsoft has a page filled with links to different pieces and configurations of SQL Server Express 2012. Here's a link to the page.

Superior Performance

   One of the great things of working with Microsoft SQL Server Express is it uses the same database engine as the full, paid versions of Microsoft SQL Server. So, you will not be scrimping on performance in using Microsoft SQL Server Express. And, when compared to Microsoft Access, it can give you great performance increases, all at the low price of free.

   Contact us, so we can help you unlock your businesses full potential with Microsoft SQL Server Express.

Built for Multiple users, unlike Microsoft Access

   Many companies use Microsoft Access as their database of choice. This can work fine for a while but does have its limitations. Specifically, Microsoft Access is not built to be used in a multiuser situation. To explain and put it in English, if you have multiple users using an Access database across a network at the same time bad things can happen. And if you are already doing this, you might have already seen this happen. Some of the problems we've had reported to us by clients is a whole day's worth of data lost, with the database file crashing, data updates which were done were missing or seemingly not applied, among other things. But, there's help out there. We are here to help you with that. We specialize in migrating Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server, including Microsoft SQL Server Express. Click here to learn more. 

Stored Procedures

   Microsoft SQL Server Express includes full support for Stored Procedures. Stored procedures allow you to be able to perform multiple database functions all on the database server. In English, when they are used, and used well, they can greatly increase the speed of your database. We here at C Solutions specialize in building and tuning Stored Procedures. Contact us to find out more.