ASP To ASP.NET Conversion

   For years, ASP.NET has been the top choice for building web applications. Before it, though, there was ASP. Many top notch websites have been built in ASP. But, for many, there comes a time to upgrade them to ASP.NET to save time, money, and increase scalability.

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Why Upgrade From ASP To ASP.NET?

   There are many reasons why you should upgrade your websites from ASP to ASP.NET, including:

* ASP.NET has a line by line debugger which makes building, and maintaining, website much easier and cheaper than ASP. ASP.NET debugging is a joy, with the integrated debugger, whereas, with ASP, debugging can be a great time consuming pain, in comparison. This allows you to save time and money in building and maintaining web pages in ASP.NET over ASP.

* ASP.NET gives developers a choice in languages which include VB.NET and C#, while ASP.NET only gives you JavaScript and VB. Additionally, with ASP.NET, you can use typed variables to improve your code's efficiency, whereas all items in ASP are treated as Object variables. In English, ASP.NET lets you write cleaner, more efficient, and cheaper to maintain software code than ASP.

* ASP.NET gives you the ability to use Master Pages. These allow you to have a template look for your header and footer in a system which is much easier to work in than ASP. Simply put, you can cleanly, and easily manage header and footer pages for your sites in ASP.NET, all while viewing their layout in an integrated GUI editor.

* ASP.NET websites are typically deployed with pre-compiled code, whereas ASP sites are deployed with P-code, which is compiled in memory on each running of the page, yielding greater load on the server, and decreasing scalability. Bottom line, ASP.NET sites can run faster and scale to serve more web users than ASP. This saves you in the hardware needs for your website with ASP.NET, over ASP, while delivering web pages faster than with ASP.

* ASP.NET allows developers to use ADO.NET for database handling, including Microsoft SQL Server. This is a greatly improved system over ADO. Additionally, it is built to decrease database server load so as to increase website and database scalability.

* ASP.NET allows you to build, and maintain, websites much faster, and cheaper, than ASP with a great user interface in ASP.NET, versus no user interface, in ASP. 

* ASP.NET allows you to have your Graphical User Interface code in one file, while your business logic layer in a separate file. This greatly enhances the readability and efficiency of debugging a webpage with two separate files, rather than everything in one spaghetti code looking file. This translates to money saved in maintaining and building web pages.

Save Time,

Decrease Stress,

Make More Money,


Instead of ASP

   In sum, ASP.NET is a greatly enhanced system over it's predecessor ASP. We here at C Solutions have years of experience in ASP, as well have had years working with ASP.NET since it first came out in March 2002. So, we are ideally suited to assist in your website, or webpage, conversion from ASP to ASP.NET. Click here to contact us today to start the process of updating your system from ASP to ASP.NET.  

ASP.NET Programming

Microsoft ASP.NET

   ASP.NET is the best system available to build world class websites and web applications. It combines a great graphical debugging system, superior programming language choices, such as VB.NET and C#, as well as the ability to deploy websites with compiled code instead of P-Code, as with ASP, resulting in faster sites and greater scalability.
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ASP.NET Integrated Debugger

   The integrated debugger with ASP.NET makes debugging a breeze, unlike ASP, which has very little in the way to help you see the status of variable values, along each line of code, or to easily find the source of run time errors.
Therefore, ASP.NET is a much better environment to build and maintain websites than ASP. ASP.NET can save you time, money, and stress in building, and managing websites.


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