Migrate From Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server                  Microsoft Access

SQL Server vs. Access Pros

* Huge Speed Improvements

* Data Security

* Ability to hold and manage near unlimited data

* Free Microsoft SQL Server version available - SQL Server Express, but has some limitations

* SQL Server can hold virtually unlimited data, unlike Microsoft Access


SQL Server vs. Access Cons

* Greater technical ability needed to manage SQL Server than Access

* Non-Free version costs more than Access

* SQL Server does not include user accessible forms and screens for data manipulation. These need to be provided separately. Most businesses prefer using web page based systems built with Microsoft ASP.NET.



Microsoft Access Disadvantages

    Many businesses run important functions on Microsoft Access applications. Given it's limitations, Microsoft Access applications can work fine. But some problems and limitations can arise in using Microsoft Access applications, including:

* Database file size limited to a maximum of 2 gigabytes

* The very high security vulnerability of the Microsoft Access database file. Since all users of the database need file access to the database file the following problems can happen:

   : Employees tampering with data and changing it to their benefit without oversight

   : Employees sabotaging the database to where it will not work anymore

   : Employees opening and manipulating the Microsoft Access database and mistakenly breaking it's screens and data handling

   : Multiple mistaken or on purpose data or file manipulation

* Database queries can take much longer in Microsoft Access than Microsoft SQL Server, especially on large datasets


SQL Server Advantages

   Microsoft SQL Server is a database system, built from the ground up, to provide the best system possible to manage your businesses' data. It can search through millions of database rows in a matter of moments and give you the answers you are looking for. It can be configured to provide as much or as little security as your data requires. Additionally, Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedures can perform multiple data lookups and processing at speeds Microsoft Access is unable to get anywhere close to. Also, Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedures can do many things which Microsoft Access is incapable of.

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   We here at C Solutions specialize in working with Microsoft SQL Server databases. Our experience with it goes back to when it simply had a command line interface back in the late nineties. We've helped countless companies use SQL Server to harness their data and build systems to help take their businesses to the next level. Contact us now to let us help you make the step up from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL Server.