C# Consulting

   C Solutions specializes in C# consulting services for businesses. We have built numerous business applications for companies across the country using C#. It is our language of choice.

   If you are looking for a web application in C#, we have delivered many of those to a number of companies.

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   We have built numerous C# based Windows applications. Many of them have been on the WinForms platform while many others were with Microsoft's latest GUI development system of WPF.

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C # Database Consulting

   Most all of the C # consulting work we do connects with a database.
  Microsoft SQL Server is our first and best choice for our client's database needs. 
   Key business data is kept in databases, and, we write applications which harness that data and help your company make the business decisions necessary to move in the best direction possible. One of the ways we do this is with database reports.

   Contact us, so we can help you with your C# database consulting needs.

Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel To Microsoft SQL Server / C# Application Conversion

   Do you have Microsoft Access databases that have hit their limit in delivering what you need, or, is in a multi-user environment on a network and running slow, or having problems?

   Are you running your business from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that is getting to be a big mess, or, is moved from person to person and it is a constant fight to keep track of who has the latest version?

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   We can build custom C# Web (ASP.NET) or Windows application solutions to these problems. You already have the applications built in their native systems, we can take them to a higher place for you with C# and deliver a more stable, secure, and potentially much faster application for your users.

   Contact us, and let us know what you have now, and what you would like for it to do for you in the future. We can contact you then and start the process of taking your systems to the next level.