Computer Programming

   Computer programming can make your business money.  

   Some companies have evolved to using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to help run their business. Others use Microsoft Access databases to help. In time, and given more business, both of these solutions eventually hit their limits and fail.  What can you do when this happens? Contact us, we can help. We have helped many companies with Microsoft Access database conversion projects, click here to find out more.

   Computer programming can help take your business to the next level. Running your business on paper forms can hold back your employees  productivity  potential. Custom computer programs can greatly increase your workers productivity and your company's profitability. Computer programs can give your workers, and your company, a productivity edge to do more work, in less time, for fewer labor hours. Your business profitability and be increased. We all know, with time, most all paper based business task will be replaced with computerized solutions. Make the transition now. Get the benefits now. Contact us, we can help.

Web Computer Programming

    Web computer programming can be used for much more than just your Internet website. It can also be used to run your business. Many companies use corporate intranets. These systems are made just for a company's internal network. So, no one outside of your company is able to access the systems, unless you want to grant them access. 

   Companies use Intranets to run their business by transforming their paper and Excel-based systems into computer programmed business solutions. C Solutions is a company which helps companies make this transition.  We use computer programming to make custom applications based off of companies paper forms or processes. This allows workers to be able to enter information into a computer and allow that information to be retrieved at a later date much easier than with paper. additionally, other users can retrieve and reuse this data without having to rewrite or reenter it. This saves on needless duplication and double entry errors and excess labor costs.  

   As mentioned above, corporate Intranets allow companies to have their own private web system for doing business work, with computers.

   One of our customers favorite things about these systems is they allow them, if they like, to be able to access and work on company work items remotely, from anywhere they have an Internet connection. So, a worker could be at home and potentially be able to access and work on their work responsibilities. Or, they could be on vacation and still have the ability to check up with how things are going at the office, all without having to be at the office. Try that with paper-based forms.

   Additionally, there may be information your customers routinely want to know from you that your workers need to look up and give the customer a report on. Obviously, this costs time, and money, and, there is a waiting period for the client to get an answer. Wouldn't it be better if the client could find the answer all by themselves, without requiring your workers to spend any time on giving them the answer? How is this possible? The top solution of this for businesses is to allow their customers Internet access to data which pertains to them, which they routinely have questions on. Customers which can ask your computer systems questions about their orders and other items, and get the answer at a moments notice, are happy clients. You're happier because this requires no labor on your workers part and saves you money. How is this possible? With Web programming using ASP.NET and databases.

    Is your company using web computer programming? Is your competition using web computer programming? We bet they are, and if not now, it's only a matter of time. What can you do about it? Contact us, we can help.

    In order to build our computer programming solutions for businesses we use Microsoft programming.  The system has been used by companies all around the globe in order to build enterprise-level applications, as well as for small companies as well.