Microsoft ASP.NET

   Many websites have embraced dynamic web pages. The first widely embraced dynamic web page system from Microsoft was ASP. It was a huge success. No longer were you cursed to hand writing hundreds, or even thousands of web pages to show a commensurate number of items in a catalog, for instance. But, in 2002,
ASP.NET came along. ASP.NET changed things all over again as it delivers web pages which are more customizable, much faster, and can support more pages per server than ASP.

   There are a number of advantages of using ASP.NET over ASP. I'll go over these on this webpage.

   In the meantime, if you have a webpage, or website, which you would like to have converted from ASP to ASP.NET, please contact us and let us know the details. We're here to help.


Integrated Debugger in ASP.NET

   An integrated debugger in ASP.NET is one of the huge advances in ASP.NET over ASP. This allows developers to quickly, and easily, identify where coding errors occur and quickly have a chance to fix the problem(s).

   To find out more about ASP.NET programming, click here.

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Code Behind

   ASP.NET lets you have you business logic in a separate file from the HTML/Graphical User Interface. Basically, this lets you end the days of spaghetti code where you have lines and lines of source code for your web page interspersed between HTML commands which make up your web page. The result is much clearer, sharper files to work with. This gives you a system which is much easier to work with and lets you get the job done in less time and less stress. ASP.NET is a great leap forward over ASP. 

   Also, ASP.NET gives you language choices of VB.NET and C#.NET. Our preference is C#.NET but we have, and can, build solutions in either one. Also, we've taught other developers ASP.NET in both languages as well, so , we can get the job done,  whichever language you may prefer.  

   If you're ready to make the leap from ASP to ASP.NET, contact us. We can help with problems you may have along the way or even build the whole converted website for you as well.