ASP.NET Programming

   ASP.NET is our preferred system for Web development.  ASP.NET offers superior tools for programmers to deliver high-quality web sites for businesses in much less time, and money, than ever before.

Microsoft ASP.NET

   The bottom line is is the best system to deliver top notch websites, as quickly, and inexpensively, as possible.

   These websites can include web applications which run on a corporate intranet. Do you have paper based forms in your business? Let us replace those with their electronic equivalents to boost employee efficiency and lower your personnel costs. This can help you operate at a cheaper overall cost than before, boost your profits, and allow you to be a more competitive business.

   Is your company you using ASP.NET programming now? Do you have developers that are using it but are hitting their limitations and not delivering what's needed? Do you need help putting some pieces of together to deliver your custom project? Do you have an project that's fallen apart and needs to be saved? Contact us, we can help you realize the potential of in your software solutions.

Business people talking on ASP.NET programming


   Is your business currently selling it's goods and services, or at least marketing them, over the Internet? Are you pleased with your current e-Business strategy? We have helped a number of businesses make the leap to doing business on the internet. Have you started making money on the Internet yet? Not happy with what you have now? Contact us now so we can help your e-Business dreams become a reality.

ASP.NET Training

    We have trained developers from a number of corporations on how to work with ASP.NET. Our ASP.NET training clients come from companies which include:

* American Airlines
* Conoco Philips
* Citgo

   So, if you have developers who are new to ASP.NET, or just need some help in parts of it to get a project done, we have experience in all that, and more.

ASP.NET and SQL Server Database Programming

   Alone, is an excellent web development system for building webpages. When you connect to a database you have the business equivalent of the calculator in the 1970s - a tool that can revolutionize your business and take it to places it's never been, even faster than ever before.

   The beauty of ASP.NET programming coupled with the database is it can transform your paper-based business into an e-business. This can help your company do more with potentially fewer employees, when compared to paper-based systems. And, less paper means less strain on the environment, as well as your office supply bills. Our database environment of choice to deliver superior web applications is Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server

Increase Your Business Intelligence

   And, when you do business in this style, it unleashes the opportunity to be able to do business database reporting. Who's your most expensive customer? Which customers are making you the most profit? After all costs and expenses, which products you offer are the most profitable, and which are the least profitable?

   With business database reporting we can change your status hunches into scientific facts by reading your  databases and showing you what the numbers are saying, and not just what you feel in your gut. We can let the numbers show you the statistical facts to help you run your company smarter and more effectively than ever.

   The first step in this process is getting your business data into a database. and a database coupled together is the best system available to get your data into a database. We can put together a system like this for you. Contact us now so we can make you even more of an e-business than your are right now.

Want to Eliminate The Pain Of Business Software Updates?

   These systems run on a Web browser and require no other user software to install.

   Do you have a handful, or hundreds, or thousands of users and hate it when you have a software  update to apply to all of those user's business programs? ASP.NET programming saves the day on this. When you have an update to your business programs with ASP.NET you simply update the Web server with the latest version. From then on, everyone using the application is on the latest version. Isn't that easy? Isn't that much better than having to apply a file patch, or patches, to every one of your users computers? Is it better than worrying about has everyone applied the patch for the latest version to their computer? Most businesses agree it is. Is your company running on ASP.NET built web applications? If not we think it's time you did and harnessed the advantages of it. Contact us, so we can help you make the leap to ASP.NET programming for your business.

Businesspeople working at a computer

Could Your Business Benefit From Lower Costs And Higher Profits?

   If you haven't made the move up to ASP.NET web applications, what's stopping you? Is your competition already there? Want to get ahead of the competition? Want to make your small or medium sized company stronger and more powerful without having to just beef up your headcount and employee expenses and headaches? Are you running a company which is forced to reduce headcount but still needs to get the same amount of work, or even more, done? ASP.NET database solutions could be the answer for you. Contact us, we can help.

Content Management System (CMS) For Everyone

   Do you have a business website but have to pay someone every time you want to make any changes to the text on it? Would you like the ability to be able to change the text on your business website at any time, from anywhere you can get an Internet connection, at the push of the button? Do you have a business website that has product pricing on it and you have to pay someone to update the web pages every time your prices change? Are you tired of all that? Contact us, we can help.

We Can Build The Ability For Practically Anyone To Make And Manage Webpages, With No Programming Experience Needed

   We build systems where you have the ability at your fingertips to change the text on any and all of your web page content. Also, would you like to easily be able to do this for internal or external web use? The same system can be built to allow for that.

   For us, it's easy. For you for you it makes business sense -- putting you in control of what you need, when you need it, without having to go through and pay a middleman.

   We build these systems with ASP.NET programming and a database. Want this kind of control over what your company says on the Internet and how it says it, and have 24/7 access to change this information from practically anywhere you can get an Internet connection? Contact us now. We we build systems to let nearly anyone able to build  and maintain web content, easily.

Search Engine Optimization - It's Not Just for The Big Guys, It's Also Maybe Critical To Your Businesses' Survival, And Success

   Also, we can put all your web content together in a search engine friendly way to help improve your search engine rankings. Our search engine optimization services can help move your Web content from the bottom to much closer to the top in the rankings. This can help your business revenue as well as your profits. Why pay more for salespeople when you can turn the Internet into your 24/7 sales and marketing person grabbing you new customers and orders from all over the world? Contact us for search engine optimization services to help your sites and pages get the sales, traffic and recognition they deserve.

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