Custom Software Development

   C Solutions specializes in custom software development for businesses.

   We build custom software solutions for businesses in the following areas:

* Web Applications
* Windows Applications
* Automated Applications
* Database Applications
* Database Reporting Systems

    Many of the applications we build use a handful of the bulleted items listed above.

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Custom Web Software Development

    Custom web applications are usually the first choice for businesses when they need custom software developed. Web applications have the following advantages, to name a few:

* Easy deployment. The latest files simply need to be loaded onto the web server.
Low user computer requirements. Users simply need to have a computer with a recent Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, to be able to run these programs.
No OS worries.  Web applications are not operating system dependent. You can run them on Windows or even an Apple Computer.
* No DLL worries. There are no additional DLLs or files which need to be downloaded, or even update with time as there are updates. This is all handled on the Web server.
Accessibility.  Web applications can be built to where they can be used only within your company's network. Or, if you like, they can be built to enable you to use your Web application anywhere you might have an Internet connection.

    Compared to Windows applications, Web applications do have some drawbacks. The main one being, the user interface is not near as sophisticated as what you can build with the Windows application. But for many companies, this limitation is more than offset by the benefits listed above.

 We have built many custom Web software development projects for clients. They include:

* Custom Manufacturing Industry Workflow Management Systems
* Online E-Commerce Stores
* Custom Customer Management Systems
* Custom Web Database Reporting Systems
* Custom online surveys
* Many, many others

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   Our Web application programming system of choice is ASP.NET. Click here to find out more about ASP.NET.

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